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2 Completely Free Marketing Strategies

There are two ways to market your legal nursing business absolutely FREE. They may seem obvious, but don’t underestimate their power.

The first is through your email signature. Ask yourself, what does my email signature currently look like? Does it make a statement? Is there an image of your business logo?

An email signature can peak curiosity even you’re sending the simplest of messages. A majority of my business has actually been through word of mouth; someone that knows someone, that knows someone. I’ve noticed that many people get very excited to know a nurse, and knowing a nurse in the legal field heightens the intrigue.

Be sure your email signature reflects your business well. I also include a catchy slogan or phrase. Additionally, DON’T forget your credentials, this sets you up as an authority in your field and brands you as the “go to person”.

The second is through your voicemail message. It’s immeasurably important that you have a voicemail message setup that states your title and business name. Out of the many phone calls I receive everyday a common question often asked is “what is “National Nurse Consulting?” This is a great way for a legal nurse to quickly share their business and ask for referrals. Make sure you’re ready for the calls and prepare a professional sounding voicemail that makes people feel happy that they called.

Some voicemails are so boring, but not yours; yours is the one that stand out from the crowd, the one people remember! Practice a few times so you don’t sound like a robot, and be sure to include a time frame in which they can expect a return phone call. I always include “I will return your call within 24 hours or within the next business day” – so they know I check my messages daily and that my business is active.

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